Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mr. Kosh

So I heard about a small manufacturer known as Mr. Kosh so I looked them up online after a little discussion via email they agreed to send me out a free sample. When I opened my mailbox I was greeted with a plain envelope from California upon opening the envelope I find a 1.5 gram bag of Mr. Kosh as I rip the rip seal I am hit with a blueberry scent. On the front besides the Mr. Kosh emblem there is a sticker showing that it is blueberry incense and another sticker proclaiming XXX. On the back is a small message: THIS PRODUCT IS NOT TO BE BURNED OR SMOKED AND IS NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY BANNED SUBSTANCES MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER TO PURCHASE, So now that we know the fine print I decide to roll a joint. after about 5 minutes I finally have my joint rolled I light it breathing in the first whiff I notice a strong blueberry scent almost similar to cheesecake after a few whiffs I am beginning to feel a mild high I smoke the whole joint and my experience never scales past pleasant at best.

Aroma 10/10 A very good smell if you are looking for an actual air freshner look no further
Strength- 5/10 while not the worst blend ive ever indulged in is real weak and I would really only recommend for the free sample

Friday, January 18, 2013

Sonic Zero and Bizzaro

Hey Everyone,

This is your friendly Spice Head Skylar I decided to start doing my own reviews of legal highs since it seems like the popular people on the internet aren't really into them anymore. The first review I bring to you is Sonic Zero I ordered it from which is a very reliable website I have ordered from them quite a few times now. Anyways I ordered 3.5 grams of Sonic zero on Friday when wendesday finally came and the package was delivered through ups I ran outside so excited barely remembering to sign for the package. I got it inside to open it and discover a glass vial about 4 inches tall and id say a 1/2 inch in diameter. Now I quickly got my burner ready measuring out about 1/2 gram and loading it into my burner now the packaging could use a little work all it has is the brand name and the scent which is cherry. But as we all know Herbal incense is not for human consumption, So I now have a 1/2 gram loaded into my burner I light it upon the first whiff I am hit with an almost cheesecakey smell. I sit there for about 1 minute letting the first whiff process I am feeling a very relaxed almost giddy feeling. I decide to go in for another whiff lighting it a little longer this time and again letting this new whiff digest. The smell doesn't seem to carry through. Upon the second whiff I am feeling  a strong head high. This Incense is very potent I am feeling quite giddy and decide to end my review on the second whiff!

Aroma- 5 out of 10 great introductory scent but doesn't really last
Strength-9/10 While I have had stronger Incense this spice has become one of my favorites
Flavor-6/10 a nice taste

Im going to continue straight on with my second review which is of Bizzaro from Zencense which is also from the same company as Sonic zero I also ordered this from upon receiving this from the ups man I am greeted with a small plastic bag with both a rip seal and a zip seal the scent is Lime on the back I found a directions for use sticker along with a sticker stating that the product does not contain any Illicit or banned chemicals. I load about a 1/2 gram into my burner lighting it and taking a whiff of the now Limey atmosphere. Waiting about a minute for it to kick in. after the minute is up I am feeling a very strong head high an almost triplike affect. after a minute I Take a second whiff. As that second whiff catches me I am practically glued to my couch for about a half hour.

Aroma 10/10 Very nice Lime Scent
Strength 10/10 Not the all time strongest blend ive ever had but Very incense and lasts longer than most
Flavor 3/10 Tasted almost bad

Personal note I would personally say that Bizzaro is my all time favorite