Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mr. Kosh

So I heard about a small manufacturer known as Mr. Kosh so I looked them up online after a little discussion via email they agreed to send me out a free sample. When I opened my mailbox I was greeted with a plain envelope from California upon opening the envelope I find a 1.5 gram bag of Mr. Kosh as I rip the rip seal I am hit with a blueberry scent. On the front besides the Mr. Kosh emblem there is a sticker showing that it is blueberry incense and another sticker proclaiming XXX. On the back is a small message: THIS PRODUCT IS NOT TO BE BURNED OR SMOKED AND IS NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY BANNED SUBSTANCES MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER TO PURCHASE, So now that we know the fine print I decide to roll a joint. after about 5 minutes I finally have my joint rolled I light it breathing in the first whiff I notice a strong blueberry scent almost similar to cheesecake after a few whiffs I am beginning to feel a mild high I smoke the whole joint and my experience never scales past pleasant at best.

Aroma 10/10 A very good smell if you are looking for an actual air freshner look no further
Strength- 5/10 while not the worst blend ive ever indulged in is real weak and I would really only recommend for the free sample

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  1. Nearly a month with no sample and no reply.. All after sending full address. Does make one nervous, skeptical or both.